Side projects, a lack of sleep, and being the father of three boys means that I don’t have as much time as I’d like to think I have.

I’m feeling a little out of sorts.

Christmas, the new year, various birthdays, planning a trip to Italy later in the year, finishing off two websites for friends and family, and – let’s not forget – the day job, have all combined to make the first seven weeks of this year a complete blur.

It’s all too easy to say yes to everything, especially when friends and family are involved. You don’t want to disappoint them. But saying yes to too many things can catch up with you and create a perfect storm of late nights and early mornings.

The last couple of personal side projects have just come to an end and, while it’s important for me to keep on top of things for the health of my career and my interests, it’s also really important to remember to stay on top of my health.

We’ve been relatively lucky with the sleeping patterns of our boys, of late, but five and a half years after the birth of our first son, my constant yawning reminds me that I still haven’t paid off all of my sleep debt just yet.

So, in order to make sure that I can still do a good job during the day, and to ensure that I can still have fun contributing to side and personal projects, I’m going to say yes to far fewer things.

After all, it’s not just me I have to think about.

Let’s Not Call it a Resolution

It’s been a while. Nearly five and a half years, actually. But I’m writing again, and I’m planning to keep writing.

At the end of 2015 I made an agreement, with myself, that I would resurrect my blog and that I would write more often.

The intention has always been there but other things have pulled my focus. Since the last time I wrote a proper blog post, a lot has happened, some of which I will write about in the coming weeks and months, but writing on the blog was somehow relegated to the sidelines. I could say that it’s taken a while for me to get over the loss of Posterous and get my arse into gear, but I’d be stretching the truth somewhat.

It would also be unfair of me to say that life has gotten in the way of my writing, as I’ve very much enjoyed the last five and a half or so years. But, there’s no doubt that while becoming a dad and doing the whole parenting dance has been lots of fun, it sure takes up a lot of time – especially when there’s three little ones to contend with – and that’s not likely to change any time soon.

So, starting with this post, I’m going to write more often. It’s not a new year’s resolution or a personal challenge, but I am setting myself a not insurmountable minimum target of at least one meaningful post a month. Expect commentary and posts on an eclectic mix of things that I’m interested in – food, rugby, software development, design, travel – as well as the occasional rant from time to time.

I’m looking forward to it. Again.